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Jun 29, 2012 ✿ 10:49 AM ✿ 0 Royal Person (s)
SESTER , lifee go on
friends , teachers and juniors .  
4 months left .
So many thingss to share , but no much timess der..
All is fine , insyaAllah <3 ;)

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I'm Princess Ain Fazdlina . 8teen y/o . I've spend my whole year in cottage which three fairies take care of me-there.I back to my mom and dad when I was 15. Unfortunately, a bad fairy cursed me to sleep forever. I hope that someday a prince will kiss me and break this spell. Wait! I'm sleeping , how can I write? Ha! Ha! That was angan2 mat jenin. I'm so not a princess :)
Princess Ain Fazdlina

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